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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jazz Walk free?


Two of the venues will be outdoors and free to the public. These outdoor venues feature ample seating for everyone, along with a separate, adjacent beer garden for those age 21 and over (please have ID ready for verification).


If you wish to gain access to the indoor venues, you will need to purchase a ticket. 

How much are tickets?


2024 ticket prices will be announced as soon as we complete our fundraising drive for closing down 15th Avenue NE. 2023 ticket prices were $25 in advance (purchased before midnight the day before) and limited to the first 500 seats... due to more limited indoor seating. If any tickets are still available on the day of the event, day-of price is $30. The majority of this ticket fee goes directly to our amazing jazz musicians. Outside of babies that you will hold in your arms, children are required to have a ticket to access indoor venues, because they are counted as seat-holders by fire code. Ticket holders will have access to the six indoor venues (as well as the two outdoor free venues).

Do I need to check in when I arrive?


All ticket holders must check in at the Ticket Kiosk to exchange their ticket for a wrist band. This wrist band is your pass to access the six indoor venues (it's faster for us to check you in at each venue, with less chance of losing a ticket). 

The Check-in / Ticket Kiosk will be located in the closed-off area of NE 177th Street, near the intersection of 15th Avenue NE.

What is the schedule for performances?


Each of our venues will feature the same band all evening. Each band will play three sets, lasting 45 minutes per set, with a 15 minute break between sets. Two venues are outdoors and free to the general public—these bands will start playing at 6:30 pm.  The other 6 venues are only accessible by those who purchased tickets / are wearing a wrist band—indoor bands will begin playing at 7:00 pm.

Can I bring my kids? Can I bring a dog?

Children are welcome to attend except for the one indoor venue that is serving alcohol and does not have the ability to create the required separation. Children are not allowed inside the bar area of the other indoor venues, nor in the fenced beer garden portion of the outdoor venues. Outside of babies that you will hold in your arms, children are required to have a ticket to access indoor venues, because they are counted as seat-holders by fire code.

Well-mannered dogs, under control, and on a leash no longer than 6 feet, are welcome at North City Jazz Walk. Flexi-leads are NOT allowed. Please do not bring a dog that is reactive to other dogs, to children, to other people, or is disturbed by loud live music. North City Jazz Walk reserves the right to ask you to remove your dog from the event if we believe there is a problem.

Will there be food and/or beverages available?

Three food trucks, two beer gardens adjacent to the two free outdoor music venues, and several venues are offering special "Jazz Bites" food and beverages that you can purchase separately. View the menus here >

Why is the Jazz Walk always on a Tuesday? Wouldn't a weekend be better?

When Keith McClelland first started planning the Jazz Walk back in 2007, it was coordinated with the City of Shoreline to serve as the kick off event for their week long Celebrate Shoreline festival... Tuesday was the day that best fit that schedule. Being a musician himself, Keith knew musicians didn’t usually have any gigs early in the week, so a Tuesday also meant our jazz artists would have more availability. And given that nice weekends in the summer are limited in the Pacific Northwest, summer events often get stacked up on weekends, making it more difficult for people to attend everything they're interested in. All these reasons aside, we certainly understand that people need to work the next day (we do too, we're volunteers)... so moving the event to another day during the week may be an option we consider, going forward! 

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